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LOF brakes on a Land Rover Defender
LOF brakes on a Land Rover Defender
LOF brakes on a Land Rover Defender

LOF performance brake packages front & rear

The LOF EXTREME spec Big Brake kit is designed for High powered Land Rovers (LS3/ Coyote 5.0/ M57/ 1UZ). Our EXTREME spec kits come complete with a fitting kit, including: fasteners, pins, anti-rattle shims and the correct grease where necessary! 345mm Discs: drilled and grooved, with directionally vents for added cooling. Pads: performance organic/ ceramic friction material, designed to work at all operating temperatures, with minimal noise and maximum stopping power!

As used on our GYRO builds - 5.0 Coyote V8 from a Ford mustang (17" Minimum wheel size)!

What's included in the kit?:

  • 2x LOF EXTREMEspec 345mm Discs, Drilled, Grooved and directionally vented
  • 2x LOF EXTREMEspec 6 pot XL Calipers, hard anodised
  • 4x LOF EXTREMEspec Organic composite 'fast road' pads
  • 2x LOF Caliper adapter mounts
  • 2x LOF braided Stainless brake lines
  • 2x LOF 'Bells' For disc fitting
  • 1x STC8575 Quality fitting kit
  • 2x Sachet LOF Ceratech grease
  • 4x Caliper mounting bolts
  • 2x Hub seal
  • 2x Locking tab/ nut

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